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Karlos Marquez

I have been a photography enthusiast since childhood, shooting with my 35mm my aunt gave me, I enjoyed the instant gratification of pushing the button and knowing I had captured something special. Later in life I learned I could actually capture a moment and make people smile when they see my images and thats when it all clicked for me. A Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications from The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago helped me master my craft in photo journalism and capturing the right image that will move and entice the masses.

As my photographic style, I blend romance and story telling. I aim to capture your true self, the passion, the emotions, the energy and every detail of your special day. I am friendly, passionate, creative and a committed photographer, determined to create for you unforgettable images.

My passion in life are people and connecting with them. It is fundamental as a person to reach out to human beings and create everlasting images and friendships. I hope that my photographs touch your heart.


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